Tuesday, June 28, 2011

daily Smith fashion

My apologies for the delay in the daily Smith fashion. Let's see... my excuse... well... nice weekend + cleaning + Nash + fever + crabby beast + laundry (always) = bad excuse... ANY way! This was a week ago but my intentions were the same when I took these photos. AND since we don't leave the house except for church and sometimes partays and there is only ONE child at the moment willing to endure the wrath of my camera, I haven't had a chance to capture any more majestic Smith fashion. I'll continue working on that! Without further ado...

Tank: hand-me-down from Lia
Infamous Skirt: Hasbro at Target (also featured here and probably many more to come)
Shoes: NO idea (and I can't convince her NOT to wear them)
(knotted shirt again courtesy of Austyn)

Shirt: hand-me-down (thanks cousin, Letreo)
Pants: Children's Place (discontinued style)

I'll also find a more majestic backdrop  ;)
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