Tuesday, June 21, 2011

daily Smith fashion

At the request of some of my biggest and most faithful fans and followers (aka... my Mom and sistas)... sad little blog... I have come to the conclusion we need to add daily Smith fashion posts to this "sad little blog."

Before I had children and even when Peyton and Lia were younger, I always sworeeeee my children would never be those messy, non-color coordinated children but rather carefully planned, adorable outfit wearing children. Apparently after six children those standards are longgggg gone. Who knew dressing children would require TIME!?! We're running low here... At this point in time when we leave the house, I'm just happy if 1) the diaper-wearing children are actually wearing diapers (bonus if it's a clean, dry diaper), 2) faces are sorta-kinda-almost clean and not snotted up, and 3) boobies and butts are covered. No exceptions. Oh, and sometimes footwear for all feet is nice...

Disclaimer: I (in no way, shape, or form) attest to know the slightest detail about fashion. All daily fashion seen on this website is solely chosen by these wonderful children. But I do put the smack down on princess dresses to the grocery store and Spiderman costumes to Church. Sorry... we have standards. ;)

The only role I played in the preparation of this first dose of daily Smith fashion was the combing of the hair. Miss Austyn even tied her shirt up all by herself. With a PINK hair band of course.

T-Shirt: courtesy of our local booster club
Shorts: hand-me-down Target from Lia
Kicks: hand-me-down from... no idea
Hair accessories: Target or Walmart
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