Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it takes balls

This last weekend was the annual croquet tournament with the B family (and a birthday party for B) :) This is one party I need not beg Dave to go to. He is ALL about winning the tournament and then wearing the prize around the rest of the afternoon. Both Dave and Peyton made it to the 2nd round... yes, there are rounds now... serious business. They have a good time and it's quite hilarious to watch. Lots of strategy going on! Can't wait to see what Dave comes up with for a t-shirt next year. :)
(previous Champion brings a new t-shirt to the next tournament)

Let's just call this what it is... domination.

2011 Champion shirt

JUST teasing! We were also there to celebrate this little man's 6th birthday. My kids slept beautifully after playing nonstop with the B children all afternoon. Thanks again for having us and we can't wait until next year!
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