Wednesday, April 27, 2011

and He has Risen

I feel like I can now relate slightly with both my mom and my sister after a visit from the Easter Bunny this past Sunday. And maybe more so with my mother... First, Lia is very much like her aunt Casey... it's almost scary sometimes. While they are different in many ways, they are very much alike in the way where Easter eggs and baskets need to be at eye level. Or you will die before you find them. And you will curse Easter for the rest of your life.

On the other hand I can relate more with my mom. She had to go through this every year with Casey and of course I look forward to doing the same with Lia. I have very little patience for whining and when the whining escalates to tears... I give Dave the look and he steps in and does what he does best... calms the girls down... I need to work on my skills. In the meantime I'll just photograph the memories ;) Fortunate for us the Easter Bunny was lazy this year and all the baskets were on the table, thus only eggs needed to be found. Mom, shut it.

ANYWAY, Easter was great! Beautiful weather, lots of food, great company... and only a few tears shed.
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