Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Professionals = progress !!!

After quite some time of little getting done at the old new house, the Professionals were called in. Working at the house was slow going when one of us was chasing around a little beast - keeping him off the stairs, keeping him in the house, keeping him out of the paint... you can imagine what did and did not get done!

Dave just happens to have an Aunt B who specializes in interior design/painting who was more than happy to help with her wing-woman, C. Together they do wonderful work and actually did some work in our current home that I love so I was very much looking forward to having them in the house again.

Up to this point I hadn't contributed much so it was decided the kids' rooms would be left for me. Yay! Granted, I'm a lotttt slower than B and C but Peyton's room is just about finished... with some help on the ceiling and a new, borrowed Miracle Brush. :) After the long holiday weekend and a combination of what I can only guess is a sinus infection... my doctor was very vague... not much painting in the kids' rooms got done. BUT a couple days' worth of amoxicillin, some painting yesterday, and I was very excited to see other rooms in the house with progress. Now the entry way, kitchen, dining room, AND living room are all complete and waiting for trim. And speaking of trim, the Professionals were also called in for staining and varnishing to prepare for the "contractor" ... I think that's what we call him... so the trim for the windows and doors is almost complete AND only 4 rooms of 11 remain to be painted. For 3 days of work, that is some EXCELLENT progress and I'm getting more and more excited that this move is for real and actually going to happen. I'm not sure if we have any "professional" movers in the family but we might be able to scrounge up some not-so-willing-but-able helpers :)
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