Tuesday, September 14, 2010

27-week weigh-in and hand shake

This week marks the beginning of month 7 in this pregnancy. Yesterday was an afternoon filled with fun at the clinic for my usual visit with my Doc, diabetes screening, and pre-admission registry to the hospital. Fortunately for me, Mom and Megan kept Tayt and Nash so they didn't have to endure the fun with me. Anyone who visits the clinic know just about how this afternoon goes...

* crabby old bitty in passing car in the parking lot with her lips moving and no words coming out (mayyyy have been my fault) ;)

* receptionist at the lab who spokkeee tooo meeee veerrryyyy slllloowww sssoooo IIIII ddddiiidddnnnttttt ggggeeettttt ccconnnffffuuuusssseddddd

* drink this extremely thick glass of fruit punch (aka sugar water) in 5 minutes. GO! oh... it's disgusting but don't gag and puke it up. you'll have to do it again.

* woman in the waiting room trying to be inconspicuous about her belching. I heard it. A lot.

* weigh-in ... quickly forgot about that number and warned the MA not to judge

* discussion with nurse about the flu vaccine. Attempted to decline. Nurse wrote an inappropriately long message in my chart that probably reads "patient will get flu and die due to declining the flu vaccine."

* shake hands with Doc. Nope, no questions. Oh yeah, can I have 10 years off with this baby? No. FINE. Give my regards to Dave. See you in 4 weeks.

* hospital admit moved... you now have to walk up a level and 3 miles to the new location. the ER. SUPER!

* blood draw. Phlebotomist is the 9th person today to fall over dead when she asks what number baby this is for us. So annoying.

All in all, the afternoon was calm. Until Courtney tried on maternity jeans in Target that were apparently made only for women 4 feet tall. Seriously. SERIOUSLY! I treated myself to one of these bad boys. Not my fault. Mallory said it was much deserved.

Excuse the ridiculous photo. It was a long afternoon and Peyton was helping me out taking this shot. That obviously doesn't excuse the pants or the top that I now realize is too small. Okay. Put that one away for good. But... that's as good as it gets folks.

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