Friday, September 24, 2010

adios kids and Care Bears

After what feels like a very long week, I'm glad to be ending it with a "date night" with Dave. Fortunately, our date nights don't get crazy like they maybe once would have... what am I saying? Dave and I never really did date nights and never had the opportunity to be crazy when we were younger. Peyton was here right out of high school so we grew up in a hurry. ANYway... off subject... tonight my Mom has graciously agreed to watch the kids so Dave and I can go on our "date." If and/or when we leave the house without kids, diaper bag, sippy cups, and screaming, we usually only make it as far as the grocery store. No more movie dates for us. We like to be productive! :) My hope for tonight is a warm/hot meal, Home Depot, and possibly talk Dave into Barnes & Noble (I love you!)

I also hope/plan to purchase all the finishing details of the old new house so we can finish up over there and move the first truck load. Dave has been busy this week (when he can find time) loading a large truck borrowed from his parents. Anything and everything from the garage and the furnace room is now loaded. Due to the obscene amount of rain the last couple days, yesterday afternoon and evening were dedicated to cleaning, organizing, tossing, and down-sizing. I am still in awe of all the crap goodies we've collected over the last 5 years. As an aside... Grandma's - absolutely no toys for 30 years. We have enough to go around. There are now 3 garbage bags, 1 generous sized box, and 270 Care Bears (one in every color) in the hallway downstairs for the taking. Let's hope tonight is just as productive!
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