Thursday, September 2, 2010


Anyone who knows my family could take a guess as to how this text conversation ends...

Mom: Dad went jogging today

Me: You mean a fast walk, right?

Me: Wait, is he okay?

Mom: All projects on hold

(Dad and Mom are currently working on a multitude of woodworking projects for the old new house. Mom, get on that.)

Me: Crap!

Mom: He jogged to Kramer's on his break!

Now... the distance between Dad's work and Kramer's (the local grocery store) is approximately 0.2 miles according to Google maps. In layman maps, he cut through 2 back yards, crossed a side street, and arrived in the parking lot. Dave could probably throw a football from the parking lot of Dad's work and hit the grocery store building. With that said, I am still proud that Dad is making an effort toward some sort of exercise. Next time you'll have to "jog" on the way back from the grocery store too. ;)
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