Wednesday, September 15, 2010

now to the final touches

Now that the painting is almost finished in the old new house, I'm forced ;) to think of some of the finishing touches in all the rooms. This causes me to browse the Internet and NOT work... and here are just a few of the goodies and ideas I found.

The entry way has a huge beautiful window and it would be spectacular to sit in there in the morning with a cup of coffee. Chill. Enjoy the sun. Judging by this website and the lack of prices listed, I'm guessing this nifty chair is around oh... $500. Just a guess.
Scandia Lounge Chair -

I love maps and globes, and I think this would be perfect in Peyton's room. A must for sure.

Peyton's room was a bathroom that the previous owners removed. Not the brightest idea... but in doing so, they pretty much ruined the wood flooring in his room. THUS, we need something in there. Love these tiles from FLOR. Although I'm not sure the circular ones will cover enough of the crap they left on the floor...
FLOR $59.99/4 tiles

Progress was made in Tayt's room (and Nash's room) today. I got some of the trim painted today, but I really like the polka dots and want to do at least one wall in his room with something like this.

This is another cool runner/rug. Again, the price is probably out of my range but I thought it was neat looking. And I'm not sure which room I'd use it in...
Owen -

Really liking this fabric. NOT sure what to do with it but it would match in the living room. At almost $40 per yard, I might be able to do a teeeny tiny pillow. Maybe. 

Aspire - peppercorn $39.75/yard -
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