Tuesday, September 28, 2010

lacking MacGyver skills

Yesterday I took Tayt and Nash with me to do some things at the old new house that wouldn't require constant supervision of them. Yes. I just said that. Yet again I prove to myself that there is never a time when a 3-1/2-year-old and a 1-1/2-year-old do NOT need constant supervision.

The 2 of them actually played very well together and only have tiny bouts of furious anger towards each other regarding gummie alphabet pieces and hammers. Tayt won the hammer. Nash won the gummie alphabets. BUT the hammer was very quickly taken away when Tayt smashed 1 too many Asian beetles on my very nice, clean white window sill. Paint should fix it though. No worries.

Because I can sometimes be too obsessed with detail, I was finishing some trim work around the light fixture in the kitchen. The boys were keeping busy in and out on the deck and in the office. I didn't think too much of Nash going in the office until Tayt said Nash was sitting in front of the door and wouldn't let him in. Uhhh... no. The office door is missing a door handle and only the best MacGyver can weasel it open if it is shut. I proved not to be that MacGyver. The screwdriver was too small. The knife was too big. And I couldn't get the package for the new door handle open. On the other side of the door, Nash thought this was hilarious!!! ... untillll he realized Mom was not coming in to get him immediately. Then he started to call my name. It was rather comical for a very tiny bit.

Fortunately, Dad was at the shop and came to the rescue with a scissors. The door handle went on the door immediately and is now working just fine. Never again will I say children do not need constant supervision. Lesson learned.
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