Wednesday, August 25, 2010

second camping attempt

This last weekend we attempted the camping thing for the second time this summer. It was a rather last minute decision but since it was only 1 night, I figured we could pull it off. Silly me, I didn't look at the forecast but apparently God loves us and it was beautiful. Despite the bone chilling night, all was very pleasant.

Saturday after Peyton's game we finished packing, made a stop at the grocery store, and headed north. In forgetting the bathroom bag, we had to make another stop one-quarter of the way but we made it before the sun went down and got some time in the water. Dave was ahead of the kids and me playing ball and setting up the camper but he joined us later for supper.
Sunday morning fog - taken from the end of the dock

enjoying the beautiful Sunday morning
afternoon pontoon ride - enjoyed by everyone :)
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