Tuesday, August 10, 2010

amateur campers

About this time last week Dave and I decided we would enjoy a couple days camping close to a ballpark where he would be playing this last weekend. Weather looked favorable. Beach very close by. Short drive to the ballpark. If only I had weighed the pros and cons of this decision before we actually made it. One tends to forget the little things that could make this a not-so-enjoyable weekend...

Plans began. A camper was borrowed so we didn't have to tent. Coolers were loaded with food and drinks. Bags of clothes and towels were packed. Some swimming stuff was remembered. And some more things were forgotten. Luckily we had time while waiting for Peyton to remember almost everything. Peyton had football practice until 8:00 p.m. so Dave and my Dad went a little earlier to set up camp. As I'm pulling in to the grocery store to get supplies for s'mores, milk for the beast, and condiments for our meals, Dave calls. Right here. Right. NOW. This should have been my indication that it was in fact going to be the not-so-enjoyable weekend... uhhh, where are you? he asks. At the grocery store. What do you need, my DEAR? The keys for the camper. SUPER. We are at least an hour behind them and by the time we get to the camp ground, they'll be assembling the pop-up camper in the dark. Minor details. Need not let these minor details ruin the weekend. Nope. Not us. It's going to be GREAT!

Groceries are bought. Peyton is picked up from practice. Uh oh, no poles for Dad and Mom's tent. NOT A PROBLEM. Got another tent and we're on our way. We finally make it to the camp ground and set up camp. Everything is going smoothly now. Or as smoothly as it can. I promise Dad the kids will sleep in until 9:00 a.m. because surely after going to bed after midnight they would actually sleep in. My apologies. 6:47 a.m. came very quickly. Early breakfast. Early Wisconsin rain. Another indication of the rest of the weekend to come!

After the breakfast down pour, the day was bea-uuuu-teee-fulllll!!! We watched one game in the morning and the next game wasn't until bedtime so the kids got to swim ALL day. They loved it. Only breaking for bathroom runs and a small meal. Went to the bedtime game, ate some s'mores, went to bed, and then it started. The rain... everything else I could handle but listening to thunder cracking, rain pounding on the camper, and occasional whines from kids in their sleep for what seemed like forever... not so SUPER. Fortunately, Peyton was the only one to wake up. I have absolutely NO explanation for that one. The rest of them slept through it all. I worried the most about my parents and sister being soaked in their tent, but all was dry in the morning or as dry as it could be.

And then Sunday Fun Day began. Nash woke up with a fever. And he was NOT happy about it. He is rather a beast to begin with so the rest of the day was even better. Fortunately for everyone at Holy Family Church, he slept almost the entire mass. Afterwards we tore down camp and headed in to town for a fun day at the ballpark. Swimming may have been wonderful the day before but was soon forgotten after carrying around a 25-pound angry, teething monkey for the entire day.

This is my excuse for not posting in the last couple days. Yesterday I took the day off to relieve the sitter of all this fun, and I've been rocking or walking or swaying with the little beast unsure of what is bothering him. At this point, I'm almost certain his molars are getting the best of him. Tylenol and ibuprofen have been working wonders but one needs to remember to give it to him every 4 hours as directed. Or else. Yesterday the only thing I could get him to eat were pickles. No gummie bears. No cheese. Occasional sips of water or milk which seemed to make him more mad for some reason. Just pickles. Whatever works folks!

As if that wasn't enough punishment for being gone all weekend, Tayt started with a fever and vomited yesterday morning to join in on the fun.

After a rough night of tossing and turning, everyone woke up this morning fever FREE. Nash is still a beasty monkey but I think we've found the explanation for that. I only hope our next camping trip doesn't require the same length of time for recovery as the actual trip itself!
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