Tuesday, August 17, 2010

discombobulated by toads, ducks, and mosquitos

This last weekend we traveled almost 3 hours south of our home to visit with some family we don't get to see very often. Our last family reunion was in 1992 so things were a little different this time. I remembered a lot of the adults and I guess now I might be considered one of those adults, but I'm not sure I feel that way some times.

I was taking some photos of the "cousins" and after they were finished, Austyn says "Mom, MOM! Take my picture." Of course. I have no idea where she got this charisma, but this pose was thought up all on her own.
Jake and Dave, our co-chefs for the afternoon.
Lia and her toad, and numerous games of corn hole.

After my obnoxious hillbilly directing, we were able to get this lovely bunch lined up for a group shot of "cousins." This reassures me even more that I was not meant to be that photographer who lines people up for group shots. I'd much rather do the candid shots of everyone laughing and not even noticing me running around getting those great moments... yeah... whatever kind of photographer that is... and I use the term "photographer" extremely loosely.
Hey you, you... all the way on the left... be happy, it's family time :)
I had a great time getting to know this bunch a little better. This spry bunch is just a smidge younger than myself and I feel like we all had a great time.
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