Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last night we painted more at the new house. Finished a coat on the trim in the office and one coat of color (you're welcome Dave!) in the dining room. I could say we're almost done with those rooms but one never knows.

After staying up way past bedtime, we decided to call it quits. Dave and I had driven separate because he was finishing the mowing at the old house, but when it came time to leave, the kids begged to have Dad drive them home. Maybe Dad is more fun...who knows!? This may have hurt my feelings slightly. For a second. But then I got to enjoy the 3-minute ride home with no noise. Just the radio. No one asking to turn the air up or the radio up. No screaming. No kicking the back of my seat. No slapping. Just the radio. It was very odd. ;)

Then we got home and began a very late usual nightly ritual. Refer here. And the madness picked up where it left off. :)

Add to the list...
*Dad, I think I'm gonna puke.

Do not be fooled by this ploy. Translate 10-year-old boy to the normal English language and it actually means, "Dad, I think my belly would feel better laying in front of the television."
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