Wednesday, October 3, 2012

etsy Wednesday

My etsy favorites have been building up so I thought I better do a quick post and get rid of some of the saved ones. I could be on the etsy website for.ever. Addicting!

A vintage one of these rolling pins was purchased at the annual steam show flea market this year. I think my crazy neighbor was tired of me borrowing hers to make homemade pizzas so I indulged and spent the $4 or $8 for my own. :)

Had I owned this during the last couple months of my pregnancy, I may have lived in it!

This may have been added to my etsy favorites solely because of the camera collection. I have threeeee lonely cameras in my vintage collection. Sad, sad little collection...

These magnets would ROCK on my frig. And the boys would *love* them!

This definitely shows my masculine side, but I really like it.

For some reason, this reminds me of my grandpa b  :)

I don't think the crazy neighbor will miss any of her ball jars, do you? ;)

Convinced my dad needs to be making these for craft shoes. Awesome idea!
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