Monday, October 22, 2012

daily Smith fashion

Attempting to get back into a routine here. Taking it easy this week cause I'm pooped. I jumped right back into house chores, laundry, etc. last week and it's now time to relax :)

These two alone provide sufficient blogging material so every day should be something interesting here.
I'm sure Rowdy was telling Nash what to do here...
she may be plotting here...
Nash (3-1/2):
Shirt: gilden ninja T (received as a gift...not sure from where) kinda like this
Jeans: hand-me-down Target Cherokee similar to these

Drew (1-1/2):
Shirt: hand-me-down vintage T
Bandana: NO idea... laying around the house from an old fad...
Sneakers: new-to-Drew vintage Gap
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