Wednesday, June 20, 2012

picnic in the park

Over a week ago now, we had what *finally* felt like a summer weekend. It was B.E.A.uuuu.tiful outside! We took advantage, packed up a quick lunch, and headed to a park not too far from here. For whatever reason, the kids were NOT interested in going. Dave was gone, I had a lonnnnnng day so I told them it was too bad... we're going.  The process of getting there *may* have thrown me over the edge, but I kept in mind that we'd enjoy the time at the park so that kept me going... we did have a good time and to boot, I recall them all sleeping very well that night :) 


Chris and Peyton having a heart to heart...maybe ;)

Mallory and her babies (Jax and Drew... darn girl)

This is for my Mom... we got ALMOST all of them looking :)

and then there was a race... a foot race, Casey ;)
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