Friday, June 15, 2012

etsy Friday

I have a thing for clutches lately. I got one at a garage sale and then another one at a local consignment shop. This may be the start to something... oh well! Clutches may not be the best option for this mom on the go. I'll start searching for totes or cross body bags :)

I am a huge wooden puzzle fan. Not sure I'd love all the pieces because I hate when they get lost but I really like this.

I mayyyy have an *extremely* hard time NOT buying this. I currently have NO cover on my phone but I think I'm in love with this... l.o.v.e!

sparking my wishes to sewing and/or quilt again

I think I sense another item to add to the list for my Dad ;) I'll wait to surprise him with that news until after Father's Day...
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