Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Almost 2 weeks ago now we went on a Brewer bus trip with quite a large group of people. Dave, Peyton, and myself have all been to at least 2 games (Dave way more!), but this was Tayt's first Brewer game. He was beyonddddd excited. He had such a great time and was pretttteee tickled with the bobble head giveaway at the entrance. He even reminded me that we should do the photo booth together... kept the tradition going :)

It was *extremely* hot as our seats were in the sun. Had it not been for the breeze, I would not have enjoyed any of the game. It was a great time and I can't wait to do it again! Maybe just the family next time :)
arrival to the stadium. put the big lens on my camera and got these two photos (from inside the bus on the highway). amazing!

deliciousness before the game... fantastic!

our friends daughter napping before the game

and then it was game time!

Peyton trying to flag down Ryan Braun

Dave loved this photo

T looking an awful lot like my Dad...

blurry but the only one of Dave and I. excuse my hair. too hot to care!

us  :)

I tried to sleep on the way home, but sleeping on any bus isn't easy.
Dave had no problems... obviously.

A HUGE thank you to our friends who chartered the bus, the tickets, the meal, everything for the entire trip. We truly appreciate it! (and can't wait to hopefully do it again next year) :)
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