Thursday, June 14, 2012

end of 2011-2012

The kids have been out of school for officially a week now. I can honestly say I look forward to the summer. Today may have been a trying day... I woke up brave and took all six of them to the grocery store. Then it down poured. I got wet. Really wet. And I was no longer so happy. All-in-all though it was a pretty good grocery shopping trip. (minus the gentleman who thought I hated my children and told me there were only 81 daysssss until school started... really dude... not cool!)

Back to the last day of school... we really, really enjoy our new priest. He is great with our congregation and even more so, our children. Below I think they have some plot happening... he looks like the Pied Piper :)

the graduating 8th graders plotted their revenge... and Father was soaked!

Part of me wanted to help him and dominate that water fight...
more of me wanted to stay dry :)
and thennnnn there were SIX... and Mom. Thank you, Casey, for the photo! I treasure these because I rarely remember to get them and hate having my photo taken. LOVE the memories with my kiddos though :)
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