Thursday, June 21, 2012

coming clean

A lot has happened in the last month (or more). I don't feel I have shared a lot on this blog in the past, mostly because I never know what is too much and what is not enough.

Let me explain... Our family (Dave, the kiddos, and myself) is quite different than the average family. There are not many 'folks' who appreciate a large family these days, and sometimes the day-to-day life here isn't the same as everyone else. Most of the time I don't share an awful lot about us... maybe for fear of being judged... which I guess I don't really care about all too much. Point beingggg... I'm not exactly sure... ha!

I think I'd like to start sharing a tad more of our day-to-day life, blogging more frequently, etc. That in mind... I want to give a bigger dose of the Smith's :) make this a blog for more inspiration, ideas, sharing, etc. Maybe more of a purpose?!? Maybe that's what I've been wanting the past few months. And now that some changes have been made around here I'll find more time to make this a better blog for you few followers  :)

With all that in mind, one of the *biggest* changes around here... we are adding to our family once again. Most of you know this. Actually, probably all of you readers know this... BUT I'm failing on photos regarding this new addition so we'll start here... Baby #7 is going to be so sad! Sorry baby!

Baby Smith numba SEVEN
due October 9, 2012

Drew getting in on the photos :)
Also... this was completely planned. We're very excited. AND we're totally paying our house payment with all these kiddos!  ;)
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