Sunday, January 1, 2012

The (original) Beast turns FIVE!

December 31, 2006 this little man surprised us coming a few days earlier than his due date and stealing quite a bit of his Aunt Renee's thunder. They share a birthday!  :)

It seems this is a recurring line in our home, but from the get go... this little boy was quite a ham! He has always been the center of attention, full of attitude, downright boy, and a complete joy to have around. And usually one look with those brown eyes keeps him out of any and ALL trouble. It's rough to follow through on discipline with that child! He is downright adorable and completely melts my heart every day. We love you Tayt!

(a day late... sorry!)

July 2007  (6 months)

April 2008  (1-1/2)

September 2008  (1-1/2)

November 2008  (1-1/2)

July 2009  (2)

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2009  (2-1/2)

July 2011  (5)

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December 2011  (almost 5)

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