Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There is quite the abundance of photos to follow but I didn't want to do multiple posts so here goes...

Christmas around here is always wonderful. Kids. Family. Church. Gifts. Love it all. It seems so chaotic right up until Christmas. Then the blur of the celebration. And then I look back and wonder how it went so fast. I think a 2012 resolution of mine might be to start Christmas this year earlier. Dave might not be so fond of this idea but we'll see... ;)

Our Christmas Eve started like this...
Every year we travel west to my aunt's house for Christmas Eve. We look forward to this every year. Great times were had this year as usual!
What you are about to watch is a lot of odd with a side of slightly disturbing. And also could be quite hilarious. They're taking this quite seriously...
and then the kids had their turn :)

After a few hours at my aunt's, we traveled back east to Dave's parents. Everyone makes out pretty well here as well :)
Nash fell asleep on the ride and missed Christmas Eve at Dave's parents. We were okay with that! Tayt is in *love* with his skeleton hoodie from Dave's parents! 
 Someone got my camera &this is what I found on it. Thanks Casey &Jake! ;)

After maybeeeee 5 hours of sleep Christmas Eve and mass at 7:30 a.m... SEVEN THIRTY IN THE MORNING...we did it. We made it through. Gave our thanks. And it was worth it. The kids had a great morning and being up that early we got to relax some before my family arrived.

Dave managed to sneak in a nap Christmas Day. ;) 
My dad made the neatest work bench for Tayt. Lots of hammering went on! (&then some arguing)  :)
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. We are *so* very thankful and blessed for our family &friends! Thank you to all of you!
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