Sunday, December 18, 2011

the hunt. the kill.

I hate that we've only had our Christmas tree for a week. Regardless, we sure had a great time finding it. Thinking back now... I don't think any tears were shed. It was a good day! ;) There was some argument regarding which tree was perfect for us but in the end, we alllll agreed on one. Mission accomplished!

Nash & Drew

Austyn pulled Drew almost the entire time :)



Drew baby

Austyn & Jax Man

all of us (minus Dave...he was working) :(
notice Lia is holding Tayt's head... we were close to tears here, but we made it!

the find. the kill.

Jax Man

Mallory's husband, Chris, has their lab pulling Tayt &Nash on the sled! could have been bad ;)

Luke pulling Drew

Tayt &Mom  :)

I *think* Peyton is protecting Drew from the dogs here...

this is just a tiny bit of the madness that goes on when we're all together :)

Jax Man pulling out his tree

It was such a beautiful day for Christmas tree hunting. We look forward to it every year. One of my most favorite traditions!
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