Wednesday, August 10, 2011

beans galore

I'll be real straight... I know nothing about gardening or keeping any sort of plant alive. My tulips are lucky they live outside where God waters them. Someone once told me the easiest plant/flower to have was an Easter lily... yeah... apparently they need water... or something. All this said for one reason... we have a garden. This is our first garden. I shouldn't even say "our garden." Our wonderful neighbor (Dave's aunt) has a garden. We go out and help pick beans. Occasionally. If we're not hiding in the house because we just knowwwww she's got to be in that garden picking beans. Darn beans. Kidding! Our freezer is bean tight because of our wonderful neighbor!

We've received lots of compliments on our garden so I'm taking everyone's word for it that it is indeed a great garden... ;)

There's that crazy wonderful neighbor in the background. She'll appreciate the next photo as well. What you don't see is ME actually helping plant her sixty tomato plants. Repeat. SIXTY!
Something is actually starting to grow from all those itty bitty, teeeeeeeny tiny seeds we spaced exactly one-quarter inch apart. Yes. If she asks... I planted them exactly that far apart. ;)
And THIS is when is starts to get good... you can actually EAT the things in the garden. Gets me every time!
We will definitely be "helping" again next year. A few things we learned...
Lettuce - not so good.
Beans - we have PLENTY.
Tomato plants - late bloomers.
Cilantro - LOVE!
Garden - needs "fertilizer."

Wonderful neighbor, if you're reading this, next year we must add watermelon, cantaloupe, andddd... strawberries. ;)
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