Monday, March 28, 2011

gluteus maximus work out

As if walking 300 miles in the Mall of America Thursday and Friday wasn't enough for my body this weekend, I willingly pushed myself to the limit and endured 12 matches of volleyball Saturday and Sunday as well. Our team of 6 got cut to 5 yesterday when one of the ladies had to work, only 1 or 2 of whom actually have real volleyball experience...myself NOT included. Bruised arms and knees and an entire aching body aside, I had a pretty good time. Maybe in 2 more years when this happens again our team will be more competitive. We won 3 of 12 matches (I think) but it would have been great to win a few more!

Congratulations to the 1997-1998 and the 2003 teams for making it to the championship. It was a fun few matches to watch. Let me tell ya... they have their "stuff" in order ;)

Oh, and I'm sure my mom will have some great shots of us on her blog shortly... or maybe not so great ;) Enjoy!
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