Thursday, March 17, 2011

stumped by technology

I have spent the last few days without my laptop. The same laptop I use for work. Also the same laptop Tayt stepped on only hours after I purchased it and broke the screen. Yes, it was my fault for placing it on the ground (ever so gently) next to the rocking chair ... BUT we were all eating and I didn't think he would get over there so fast and ... fine. It's my fault. ANYWAY. I've only slightly been missing being on the Internet and/or working for the last 3 days. We do also have an ancient desktop computer but I would rather suffer without checking my email than to risk smashing the ancient computer to PIECES.

Sooo... I'm not as savvy with computers as I ever want to be so I paid young lad (one who made me feel old and slow and mentally challenged about computers, and I really know how to do a lot with my computer... honest) a reasonable amount of money to remove a virus from the laptop. And when I find anyone who infects computers with viruses, they are going to suffer a long sentence wherein I put them in a room with all my children alone for a couple hours until he/she screams 'UNCLE' and pinkie swears never to do it again. Ever. Darn you people!

And with that said... I'm back and with plenty to share but for now ... I need to step away from the computer again before Dave realizes I'm not working and he's rocking a screaming baby while I do that... not work. I love you, Dave!
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