Friday, March 11, 2011

a taste of spring

The beginning of every year is a great time for resolutions and goals. Lucky for me, our religion has what I like to think of as a checkpoint (among many more important things). A time in the year where I get a chance to remind myself of my resolutions, goals, and ambitions. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I couldn't keep the kids in the house. Even Nash wanted to go out all day! I caught him on the deck with his coat, hat, and a pair of over sized galoshes...but no pants.

In keeping up with my 4th goal, I decided to take the camera out and run around with the kids for a bit. And run I did... for about 50 yards. Then I died. Not really but I had to stop for awhile and catch my breath. Running in snow at my age ;) is NOT easy!

brings back memories... Austyn is upset... her turn to pull Nash was over...

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