Sunday, February 16, 2014

what? what?

Dave took the kids to a friends house to play cards this afternoon while Meg and I napped. They're not home yet so I'm sitting down at the computer to do my 6/52 post butttt I'm missing a couple kids. Now I'm officially behind on the 52 of 2014… shocker  ;)  so the plan when he gets home is to 1) take photos of those last two kiddos… somehow and 2) clean my office because this is ridiculous. I'll do a post on that just to prove how *not* together some things are in this house… eeek!

BUT the good part of me being behind, you get to see these photos, which I probably otherwise would have completely forgot to add to the blog. Ha!

Casey asked me to take Homer's 21-month photos so we had a little fun with his adorable hat. Drew and Meg thought it was a pretty stylish cap.

Drew thought she was hilarious.

None of these photos are posed. These are all Drew for your entertainment. I've said it before, I'll say it again… this one has too much personality for that tiny body. 

And I *love* it! (the majority of the time) ;)

and then my heart exploded. The End.

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