Wednesday, February 5, 2014

fishy, fishy

Saturday we left all but Peyton and headed north to ice fish. The weather was above zero so we were pretty tickled to get outside. Dave has a new fetish with ice fishing, and he was happy I could tag along. 
There was absolutely no one on this secluded lake.

Bad: No restroom other than a bucket.
Good: No audience to use the restroom.

Pride swallowed. Not the easiest thing I've done at 32 weeks pregnant… 

Quite a bit of our time was spent in the jeep warming up. Watching Dave from a distance checking his tip ups. Eating chips and sammiches. Some bonding with the oldest. Fun times!

rare photo of the two of us… thanks to Peyton! :)

My attire for the day as described by Dave was of someone just coming in from the barn after doing chores… pretty accurate, although I smelled a smidge better… just a smidge!

Days away like this are few and far between, but they are still my favorite. Looking forward to spring when we can spend some time outside with all the kids just relaxing. It's long overdue! :)

Unfortunately, I hear 6 more weeks of winter… eek!

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