Monday, February 24, 2014

a little less wise

unintentional teaser breakfast for Peyton who had to fast before surgery… sorry bud!

Friday Peyton had some teeth pulled. Dentist said he has a "size 8 mouth, and size 10 teeth." He has the same problem I had/have… overcrowding…poor kid. So to 'fix' this problem and prepare for dreaded braces, he had 8 teeth pulled. Ouch. Considering my hatred for the dentist, which has absolutely nothing to do with Peyton's procedure, he did amazing!

Here he is all prepped and ready to go. I guarantee I was more scared/nervous/completely overwhelmed… *deeeeep breath* …than he was. 
And that's where the Dave in him comes out. :)

We were told the procedure itself would take about 30 minutes and recovery 30 to 45 minutes. Dave went to visit some friends of ours in ICU while I waited in the waiting room, and within an hour we were called back to see him. 

{insert Courtney's nervous laugh as we walked in to see this poor kid all drugged up}

I'm not sure why I was so nervous… maybe all the horror stories… looking at youuuu, aunt Malloryyyyy :|  but this kid did amazing! Minimal bleeding, minimal pain, maximal Xbox playing because Dave and I felt pretty bad that he had to have eight teeth pulled. Friday night he was running around playing, asking for Reuben's (which we did NOT let him eat… started him off slow, as directed), and seemingly back to his normal self, with occasional breaks for some medicine and icing. I wanted to make sure he wasn't in pain so we followed his medication regimen pretty strictly the first 24 hours. Otherwise, he's been a champ!

Here he is about 24 hours after surgery…noticeable...

Here he is about 48 hours after surgery… definitely noticeable. They did warn us day 3 would be the peak, and they were *not* joking!

I let him stay home from school today, but I expect he'll return to school in the morning. He did start complaining of pain tonight, but I'm not convinced…he may just be playin me now. We shall see! Odd that he was completely fine all day until mention of school in the morning… weird. Teenagers… ;)
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