Tuesday, February 4, 2014

week 31 photo (32 weeks 2 days real life)

baby Smith #8
due date: March 30 (probably before Casey)
weight gain: *gasp* just did the math… 40.5 pounds (according to my last weigh-in)

Let's just get this out of the way and talk about that weight gain. I did the math and have impressed even myself. I have less than 8 weeks until this baby comes, and at this rate… it better not be a 10-pound baby! I'm 5 pounds heavier with this baby than I was with Meg at this same time. While I never worry about my weight, I can definitely tell things are a little tighter different this time around. Hoping breastfeeding goes well with this baby as it has with all the rest and I'm down to pre-baby weight in no time. It may be a scary summer if anything goes astray :|

I'm a little sad I haven't done a pregnancy post since week eighteen, but I don't leave the house much and trying to get a photo of a photographer… hard. I'm my worst critic. Thank you Casey for doing the best with the subject you had ;)

A little (or very large) side by side, and apparently I have grown  ;)

Also because my blogging is behind (as usual), today I'm actually 32 weeks 2 days. Nothing much to report. Household chores are becoming difficult… sweeping up messes, bending down to pick up anything, moving in general… difficult. I'm out of breath a LOT. If I don't answer your phone call, chances are I had to run waddle briskly to get the phone and had to catch my breath and return your call or just didn't make it in time.

Let's see… what else to report… we have possiblyyyy decided on a girls name. Boys name… can't agree! Sometimes I think boy, and then sometimes I think girl because my sister, Mallory, found out they were having their third boy so our odds are probably less of having a boy. Intelligent reasoning, I know.  ;)  

All in all, aside from wanting to nap daily and minor back/hip pain, I'm feeling great. I have always said and will always say, I love pregnancy and wouldn't wish any of the time away. I don't want it to go any faster. I don't want to be ungrateful - I'm so, SO very thankful for 8… EIGHT(wow! still blows my mind) healthy pregnancies, mostly easy deliveries, and healthy, beautiful, easy going babies... God is good to us! and we are again, so thankful and excited to introduce another Smith baby in 8(ish) weeks!!!

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