Thursday, February 27, 2014


In preparation for a hospital stay in the next ohhhh 31 days…I've been eyeing up some weekender bags for my overnighter. Definitely not a 'need' per se, but something I'd love to purchase because the bag I used when we were in the hospital with Meg turned into a diaper bag. And it didn't have a zipper on it. I'd like something that I can close. Also, I'd like something more around the price range of say 30$ ;) I've been *extremely* cheap lately ;)

in no particular order… 

Obviously, I pick the more masculine bags. And my guess is, there's a puppy inside!

Big fan of Orla Kiely, not so much the price. Another puppy maybe?

More neutral. Also more masculine.

Yet another masculine bag...

Right up my alley! maybe a whole litter of puppies...

I've had a couple Roxy bags that I've loved.

Maybe too girly for me… although, great price. Also curious if it holds it's shape at all… hmm… Target run anyone? Casey? I know you're in ;)

Well, failed search for a weekender bag. Let the search continue!

Instead let's just do this one, this one (in black maybe), orrrr this one  ;) 
I won't need much in the hospital anyway!
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