Tuesday, September 3, 2013

no stitches, only relaxing

Our last summer weekend was spent camping and laughing around the fire. The kids enjoyed swimming and biking around the campground. We enjoyed food and bean bag toss. And unlike last year, we had NO injuries!

We got to the camp site a little later than planned. I was am always ;) behind on laundry so we were waiting to be finished packing before leaving Friday afternoon. Major fail! But we made it. And didn't physically hurt each other. Win, Win.

Quite a few of our meals while camping consist of highly planned, extremely healthy, well-balanced... kidding! we like to keep it simple. and the kids aren't picking whatsoever. So pop/water/beer, chips, and burgers/brats/hot dogs it is. Throw in some fruit and we are *gooooood* to go! 

patiently waiting for a quick supper

someone loves babies (Drew holding her second cousin, once removed... something like that)

Trips to the beach are a must while camping. The kids all love the water and are extremely difficult to get out of the water! even Mega!

someone (as in ME... doh) forgot the swim diapers so we went all natural... no accidents! and her butt was so adorable I couldn't stand it!

these two are best buds

my view most of the day. cannotttt complain :)

My favorite meal of the weekend: pizza pudgy pies. Man, they were great! Hot, but delicious. Made me feel like a kid again :)

We really enjoy the activities this campground puts on for the Labor Day weekend. The kids' favorites are the sand castle contest and the movie on the beach Sunday night. Peyton and Lia participated in the sand castle 'contest,' and I thought their finished product was quite impressive! 

if you can't tell what it is, that's a hammerhead shark :) also, they only had a borrowed shovel, that yellow tool... a hoe, maybe... and a tiny bucket. I was thoroughly impressed... obviously ;)

their competition a little farther down the beach (below)

Neighboring campers had some tiny remote control cars, and the kids loved watching them race back and forth.

another child with an organization type obsession ;)

Morning walk along the dam and creek. We didn't realize it was so pretty along there!

Nash fell in the water immediately before I took this photo. and Drew fell in immediately after. Of course I couldn't catch them in action ;)

Dave and the kids skipped all the rocks in the whole creek at this spot. Kidding! but Dave was pretty giddy that almost every single rock he picked up was skippable (that's not a word... oh well)  :)

We could sure use a weekend of absolutely nothing going on, but this was a great way to end the summer. Now on to school routines and football games and early bed times. I guess I can handle all that too :) hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend!

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