Thursday, September 5, 2013

etsy Thursday

I can hardly believe the last time I did an etsy post was in May. Wow. I'm slowly getting worse at this entire blogging thing. I wanted to do better!

ANYway, I'm always trying to catch up on something around here so why not add these etsy posts to the list. Oh well. Life goes on.

Earlier this week I *finally* spent my etsy gift card from friends of ours gifted to ME when Meg was born. Yes, I am aware she is almost a year old. What can I say? I rarely slow down to even think about getting myself something. I'm usually making purchases for the kids. BUT I was in the spending mood so I did it. I couldn't decide so I got this one and this one. I really like the necklace below, but I think I needed something a little smaller and not so... pointy. I don't know. It's still cute :)

My quest to learn to knit continues. I feel like fall and winter are knitting seasons, if there is such a thing. But I wouldn't mind learning myself how to knit a pair of these bad boys :)
simple and cute. again.
*might* need to add this to our craft night to-do list. love. and so easy to make... I think ;)
I think this is a neat gift idea. Filled with great wine. Candies. Trinkets. Cute, cute!
I would actually like one of these in the kitchen, odd as that sounds. I think the fresh spices, herbs, etc. would go great in here! year-round sort of thing... 
My name is Courtney. I'm addicted to notebooks. and pens. and pencils. and post-it notes. and anyyyyything office related. It's bad.
I will take one of every state please. :)

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