Friday, September 13, 2013

fall festival

Every year to start off the school year and the fall season, our church puts on a 'fall festival.' The kids love attending and playing all the games. I enjoy going to browse the garage sale, auction, farmers market, and (my favorite) the cookie walk. We came home with a very large pan of cookies and bars for 2$! Dave stayed home with the two little girls, but I think he'll have to join me next year. It was a beautiful day!

salsa contest

school kids manned the games

and last but not least, the petting zoo. Tayt wanted this bunny. It was "only fifteen dollars mom!" Nah. Sorry T! the kitties were free, and I didn't even want one of those ;)

I couldddd have put this fella in my pocket though. No one would have known ;)

Nash loved the kitties, but he wasn't too sure they liked him. They kept "stratching" him :) and not in the face. I have NO idea what those battle wounds were caused by!

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