Tuesday, August 13, 2013

social media farewell

Social media... where to start. where to stop. I could be involved in every new, up and coming thing and probably give myself a headache. In an effort to keep things simple and less stressful and ... whatever else this could do for me, I'm letting go of one very large social media outlet. 

Now, the reasoning:   wellllll, one day (or over a couple days or weeks really) I thought...you know, this is just so dang negative all the time. and I don't know half these 'friends.' and really, I don't do anything on here but occasionally share social events and sometimes funny 'words of wisdom' and of course the liking of random baby and friend photos. But that was about the extent of my participation. I can't even remember the last time I updated one of my photo albums. I change my profile pic for special occasions. But in all honesty, this said media outlet was just consuming too much of my time for people I don't really know or need to know or care to know. Then after talking with one of my rad (and very wise) cousins and little sister, the decision was made final. 

All that being said, I guess it could be considered rude or inconsiderate for those who want to know more about us or whatever else someone could think but I'm done. So long. Good bye. Adios. Sayonara. Farewell.

Those I keep in contact with know where to find me and follow along on this not-so-well-kept blog. And then there is always Instagram. I rather enjoy that social media outlet. I think quitting one will not necessarily keep me on another more often, but give me one less app to check before I go to bed at night ;)

SOOO all that to say... Good Bye, Facebook. You've been... interesting. ;) 

If you're worried about missing me, follow along with this blog, Twitter, Instagram, AND Pinterest. Seeeee, that's wayyy more than I need to be doing daily. EEK!
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