Wednesday, August 14, 2013

minor set back

Well, as expected, closing my Facebook wasn't as easy as I thought. NOT because I wasn't ready, but because the darn thing is tied to my growing photography business. Since I know there isn't much traffic here, I need some help with growing the following on my 'new' Facebook photography page. I apologize in advance for even having to ask this, but would all of you friends (and mostly family) who follow along with this blog kindly reLIKE my photography page on Facebook. PRETTY PLEASE! andddd promote away if it's not too much to ask. Eek. Starting over from scratch with the photography page kind of scares me but it has to be done. Ugh!

Thanks so much in advance!!!

Click here for the actual page.

Also, I'll slowly be adding more of my albums back to the photography Facebook page... so much to do!
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