Thursday, August 1, 2013

pool/potty break in Georgia: Florida bound

Dave and I (and our TomTom) were in charge of navigating for this entire trip. Sounds easy enough... well, if there is one thing Dave and I get a little feisty with each other, it's getting confused with directions. There may have been a couple occasions on this trip where I looked out the window for 5 minutes. No words. Silence. And then everything was better... because we're going to FLOREEEEDA!

So... 24+ hours without sleep (me off and on for 15-minute increments), many a potty pit stop, endless trivia, anddddddddd we arrived at our destination in Georgia for the afternoon and night (Thursday afternoon and night). The kids were very excited there was a pool and spent almost the entire time in said pool. It was amazing!

Homer snoozed while we swam. He had enough of traveling and pool by this point. 
(photos courtesy of Mom)

Nash was not enthused with the pool. I made him get in with a ring and holding him. He thought he was dying. And so did everyone else within a 2 mile radius. Eventually he made it to the bottom step by himself. Baby steps.

Many thanks to our wonderful friends for putting up with all the nonsense and housing all of us for the night. I love the way Casey put it because that's exactly how it went down: we will be comin' in hot, turning your shit upside down and then leaving before it's light out.

Jokes were made about leaving money on the dresser on our way out, but in reality we just left a mess of the house and many apologies for someones weak bladder... dang kids! We would *love* to visit them again. We all had a really great time! Thanks so much again :)

(friends youngest fella... cute kids!)

Follow along with Casey and my Mom for another perspective and better photos of our trip! :)
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