Thursday, April 4, 2013


I've known how to crochet since I was quite young. Haven't done it recently though. I remember learning to crochet from my aunt great-aunt in Iowa. We spent quite a few summers there and made quite a few things while there. I'm not entirely sure where the items went... maybe great-aunt sold them for profit. Kidding! maybe... but more recently I've taken a liking to the idea of knitting. A friend of my cousin's who I am stealing and is now my friend (psst... Nicole, you're my friend now. k? good. friends!)  peaked my interest with her awesome, amazing talent... see here... and fortunately enough I have another good friend who knows how to knit, is closer to home (sorry new friend, but 133 miles one way every Thursday is not happening with these animals), and is willing to learn me... ;) man, I am a lucky gal! Now my friend, her kiddos, and my animals meet every Thursday for knitting sessions, lessons, complete chaos... whatever you want to call it. I'm proud to say, after 3 weeks of 'lessons,' I've almost, almostttt successfully completed a washcloth. Go ahead. Laugh it up. Soon I'll be knitting like a mad woman and making entire blankets! 

So here is my progress...

I'm really enjoying this whole knitting thing so I was browsing a little on etsy. Here are some things I found and may need in the future. I'd love to start making gifts for all my family and friends... be warned... but we'll see how this new adventure continues through the summer :)

I've been told wooden needles are nice because the yarn doesn't slide off as easily... which I guess could pose a hindrance at times as well maybe.
Now THOSE are some needles!

I'm not entirely certain what I would do with a knitting fork, but it looks neat.

I can see my sisters and me sitting around in the mornings, holding our coffee, cute little cozies and all :)

Casey could rock this beanie!

Doesn't everyyyy little baby need one of these. Duh!

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