Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Every year it happens. I forget about how much chaos revolves around coloring Easter eggs. I don't mind because it's only once a year. And the kids sure love it. But we never make it through a year without spilled coloring. Fighting over eggs. Broken eggs. Don't even *talk* about the broken and cracked eggs. Devastating! Regardless, these photos portray a peaceful coloring session. Full of smiles, laughter, love. Watch the video. Truth be told ;)
concentration-induced tongue
Drew was very into coloring eggs this year
no altercation happening here... somehow
baby's first Easter

and the video reveals the truth :)
lots going on here...bad videographer; scoulding the dog; Nash trying to get my attention; obnoxious noisemaker... I'll stop there!

We hope everyone had a blessed Easter! More of our Easter Sunday to come.
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