Tuesday, April 30, 2013

catch up

I'm getting further/farther behind on my blogging. It has taken a back seat to laundry, a beautiful day outside, cleaning the house, and all the daily things that go on around here. I apologize to all you faithful followers who check here day in and day out and are deeply saddened by my lack of posting... kidding. There aren't too many of you out there ;)

Caught this one this morning. I intended to post my 17/52 tonight but realized I have absolutely NO photos of Peyton alone (plenty of him with the other kids). I made a goal last week to take more photos of my eldest... and I failed. Try, try again.

My 17/52 post will be late (yet again) so try back tomorrow. I promise I'll have it done some time tomorrow. I'm also promising Dave to have laundry clean and folded (all nearly TEN of them)... eeekkk!!! ;)
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