Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mall of America 2013 Wish List

Every year for quite some time now, we've been making the 2-1/2 hour drive to the Mall of America. This year I was going to opt out because we're headed to Florida this summer, BUT I have some gift cards for the mall so Dave said I could go. Yay, Dave! I'm beyond excited! so to prepare for this next week, I've come up with my wish list... granted, most of these things probably will not be purchased because of my minuscule wonderful budget, but I thought I'd give it a go. I'm also loving my cousin's wish list and my sista's wish list for the day as well :) (I'm obviously behind on this 'project') ;)

I'm always searching for new tops. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at picking out anything but boyfriend tees and even worse at choosing patterns. Here are some I'm liking. And those yellow shorts... those might come home from Minnesota with me. I *need* some new shorts for the summer. And I know the sistas would agree!
MOA tops 2013

I cannot remember when I purchased my last pair of sneakers. That is probably a good indication it's been wayyyy too long since I've had an update. I am *not* a runner so I can't really justify purchasing these, BUT I do save quite a few lives... so that might serve as my justification while splurging ;)
Untitled #7

A long, long time ago I swore off skinnies. I was mistaken. I now own a couple pair. Granted, I don't wear them very often because I'm afraid for what my behind is doing to other fellow citizens, buttttt I try. occasionally. And now I'm thinking they'd be nice, comfy, and a welcome and possibly easy change to my current wardrobe. 
Also, I want the pooper all the way on the right to be mine.
MOA skinnies 2013

I'm also looking for some new cardigans. Not entirely sure these are what Casey and Megan have in mind for me, but I know they'll tell me when we start looking at the mall. ;)
MOA cardigans 2013

There are a couple other stragglers like these that I've loved ten times over. My cousin just recently made the leap and I'd love to join in :) Mallory and I are hoping there is a buy one get one free deal... yeah, right! ;) 

Anything other than 'granny panties' as Dave calls them are always on the list. 

And since my children and nephews somehowww got into my already extremely slim pickings makeup bag while I was gone last night (I still haven't choose who will replace my items... Mom... Mallory... Megan!) and also while under the supervision of my mom, my dad, Megan, AND Mallory used my eyeliner as football eye black... I need to replace this for sure and may think about purchasing something like this... Neen will know justttt what I need. She's a professional ;)

The countdown continues and we now have 3 whole days until Starbucks in hand we dominate the mall... quickly!
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