Monday, January 28, 2013

homemade wipes

I've been using these for so long now, I had to think for a minute when I actually started using homemade wipes. We received our first homemade wipes for Peyton's baby shower... I'm proud to say I've been a homemade wipe gal since then... almost 13 years now. Whoa. Let's just stop a second and let that soak in. Because every time I think about my baby being a teenager... I cry. And then I remind him he is *not* supposed to be growing up. Yet he continues to do so. He doesn't listen the best. ANYway... the wipes. Easy peasy. Good for everything. We wipe butts with these. We wipe faces with these. We do it all with these wipes. I've even used these for my own face occasionally when I've run out of my usual nightly face wipe thingies.

What you need (links to what we usually use):
sturdy paper towel (half a roll) 
**I like to use the sturdier one-ply. Tears apart at the seam easier when I've only got one hand available and doesn't tear into tiny pieces when using only one hand.
baby bath (2 tbsp)
baby oil (2 tsp)
water (2 cups)
Cut your roll of paper towel in half, the short way... I think. Look at the photo below as reference... I'm not good at these direction posts. Sorry! 

Combine water, baby bath, and baby oil. Pour mixture over paper towel (while in the container). Let sit for an hour or so until the water is completely soaked into the paper towel. Sometimes I let it sit for 5 minutes and use just the outside pieces because I'm already out of wipes and forgot to make them. Oops!
If you're feelin' fancy and ambitious, you cannnn tear the entire roll apart (see below) and fold them into nice little towelettes like in a store-bought wipes container. I was feeling ambitious this particular day. 
These wipes are longggg gone now. They get used in a hurry around here with 2 little ones in diapers.
Enjoy your homemade wipes! I'm actually thinking of making some cloth wipes to use with our cloth diapers. Being able to throw everything in the wash together sounds quite appealing to me... now just to get on that! :) 
(feel free to pass on any links or ideas on those cloth wipes... homemade or otherwise... thanks!)
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