Wednesday, January 9, 2013

etsy Wednesday

Here's my attempt at trying to be better... at blogging... so here goes. Back to my etsy likes :)

I may be in love with this ring. I need it. It wants me. It wants to be on. my. finger! ...and now I hate budgeting.

Mittens. Yes, please.

Someday when I'm done having babies, it'd be cute to have all their initials on something like this...if they fit...

Hello, cute babies! Meg would look so cute and cozy in one of these. Preferably orange :)

Comfy sweater. Not in my price range. Boo. Casey: 'tiger ball hair' maybe?

I have a problem. Diaries. Planners. Journals. Notebooks. I can see a very largeeee room filled with shelf upon shelf upon SHELF of random planners and journals and diaries in my future. Mal, you'll be there.

Meg and/or Drew would rock these!

I don't necessarily neeeeeed another iPhone cover, butttt wouldn't this one look schnazzy!?!

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