Wednesday, August 10, 2011

if you build it...

Today marks Day #1 of trying-to-make-something-of-myself-without-a-job... so... I think Dave will be happy and hopefully something will progress from this teeny tiny step!

About 6 out of 7 days, Mallory (my youngest, sassiest, hottest sister... kidding other sisters!) and I messenger each other for countless, meaningless hours talking about just about anything but usually nothing... this was part of our conversation today.

Disclaimer: This blog now contains CUSS words. I do use profanity occasionally ... okay... a lot but only because Casey made me do it. I am currently working to better myself and remove this devil's work from my vocabulary...

Courtney says (10:38 AM):
MAN this is so much pressure!

Mallory says (10:41 AM):
it's gonna be awesome
I can see the clients rolling in now!

Courtney says (10:41 AM):
I'm not.
It's been 15 minutes.

Mallory says (10:41 AM):
might as well shut er down

Courtney says (10:43 AM):
fuck it
it's over

Mallory says (10:43 AM):
if you build it....they will come
yep, just mind fucked you

Courtney says (10:43 AM):
Oh man, that laugh felt good.
I don't feel like I've laughed like that in awhile

oh yeah, check the official business out here.... HERE!
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