Monday, July 25, 2011

ZBB... enough said!

This last week Dave and I got not one but TWO! date nights. Dave begged me to go to see Zach Brown Band playing at Country Jam. I'm so glad we went. It was a blast and even Drew enjoyed it! I know, I know... leave the baby at home... well, the thing is... I don't pump. Period. No other option. We were prepared with sunscreen, blanket(s), pj's, skeeter spray, and even a stylin' pair of animal printed ear muffs of Casey's to protect her wee little ears. I failed to get a photo of Drew in said ear muffs but she didn't need them cause we were wayyyyy in the back... as you can see at my attempts to capture photos from wayyyyy in the back. :)

above - I almost ended my phone's life trying to get this shot but behold...
we got a good one FINALLY!

used my monster lens to get this :)
again with the monster lens... Zach Brown is to the right of that American flag

$6 lemonade  :|

HUGE thanks to Pigg for watching the kiddos... and the sick Beast. Sorry!
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