Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SIX months (plus 1 month & 2 days)

I'm not sure where the time has gone but this baby is by far the happiest one we've had yet. She is always smiling. Always. Unless she is severely hungry or wet or tired, she is happy. And I mean severe. Just yesterday she went almost a 5 hour stretch between feedings. Granted, she almost felt apart before I fed her but then couldn't handle it and fell asleep while eating. We just love this little gal to peices and can't believe the first 6 months of her life has gone this fast. Easy, HAPPY baby = lotsa Smith's ;)

These two are hilarious together. Baby A (born on the same day 12 hours before Drew) was crawling before 6 months so getting a photo of the two of them was rather difficult. We finally took them outside and squeezed them in this little chair. He was not happy about it. Then Drew was not happy about it.  FYI Baby A - crawling before 6 months... NOT cool.

Those gummy smiles RIGHT THERE are the reason I refrain from any form of birth control... ;)

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