Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A couple weeks ago we enjoyed our city's carnival. Fortunately it was so HOT we only made it up town for Saturday night. Unfortunately I have promised the kids we'll go to ANOTHER carnival because the big kids only got 1 ride each. Deprived children. I know.

Friends of ours came to visit with their children (4) and this was our attempt to get them all together. Pretty cute/hilarious!

top: Tayt, Austyn, Drew, Peyton holding Tylan (friend's baby)
bottom: Nash, Hayden (friend's #3), Lia, Ryder (friend's #1), Kenley (friend's #2)

Sunday was the annual parade to celebrate the carnival where we sit at Casey & Jake's. It's like trick-or-treating but not leaving your front yard! The only bad part... the weather was SO hot a lot of the candy just melted. Even so, our candy drawer didn't stay full very long. :)
behold... Father from Church :)

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