Thursday, July 28, 2011

oink. boom.

The above photo clearly portrays how exhausting our weekend was over the 4th of July. This is how the weekend started...the radio blaring... outside enjoying the sun and water... and Nash goes up to the house to take a snoozzz. No lie... my kids will fall asleep ANYwhere.

my cousin's little boy

Pig roasts and bean bag toss (cornhole toss ... that's right...there is an "asssssociation" for this...) have become staples in our holiday weekends in Wisconsin. Things occasionally get "rowdy!"

Above: Luke, Tayt, and cousin's kids in the pool; my Dad and cousin; the pig(g)
Below: cousin's baby; Dave and cousin's uncle; cousins; cousin's son & Nash
After the pig(g) roast we traveled north to another partay in preparation for the fireworks. There was this adorable little fella there, and I needed to make myself stop taking photos of him because he was that adorable.  
 Seriously! Look at that face...

...and then there is my child's face...yeah, that's how he rolls.

sooo.... last year there was this child we lost. I won't throw out any names but he's a child who is easily distracted, occasionally (frequently) drops the F. bomb, and punches. *pause* Yeah... you know that kid. ANYway... the local ball diamond is within eye sight of the house we're at. Said little child decided he'd go watch the game in progress. In the dark. You can imagine our concern. Lost child. A little bit of anxiousness for a bit. Solution: Pictured below. This year all the kids wore light up bracelets, headbands, anklets, necklaces, etc. No one was missed!
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